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Majandra Delfino KIIS Transcript

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Majandra Delfino In-Studio Guest
February 29, 2000
102.7 KIIS FM
Los Angeles

KIIS: Do you believe in UFOs?
Majandra: Yes.
KIIS: You do?
Majandra: Mm hmm.
KIIS: I just had to get right into that, cuz your show is all UFOs and
stuff, and I totally am into that. And how heavy do you get into that?
Majandra: Um, I don’t get into it, I just kind of believe itit’s just
known to me. I don’t feel like I need to research, just, I know.
KIIS: Now the whole “Roswell” thing – the show, for the people who don’t
know, you obviously may have heard of the Roswell incident. Supposedly an
alien landed in Roswell, New Mexico, what year did that go down?
Majandra: 1947
KIIS: Okay, you have researched, excellent.
Majandra: Well, I’m on the show.
KIIS: Whatsupposedly if that happened, aliens landed back then. How does
your show take off from that?
Majandra: Well, it was not that the aliens landed, it was that there was a
crashand that it left some pods. It’s kind of not covered well because that’s
the whole mystery. And these kids came out of these pods, sometime in the 80s
as four-year-olds, in human shape. And got adopted, you know, went through
the whole orphanage thing. Were found, and then grew up, and are now 16 years
old, and have realized that they have special powers, and that, it must be
that they’re aliens.
KIIS: Now, on the show you’re a human, not an alien. Do you ever wish that
you were an alien?
Majandra: Alittle more in real life than on the show.
KIIS: But the show is awsome. We were talking off the air about how
sometimes you kind of blink off into alien mode. What were you saying about
you wished you almost thought something?
Majandra: Yes, sometimes I think that the actual characters in real life
might have the powers they have on the TV show. Just cuz I’ve seen it so
much, that I figure for a split second, like ooooh! oh no
KIIS: But then you snap back to reality.
Majandra: Yes.
KIIS: That’s good, because that’d be trouble. What time is the show on?
Majandra: Wednesday nights at 9, on the WB.
KIIS: I swear I believe in UFOs, but then again, I’ve never ever seen
anything. Have you ever seen any kind of weird, tripy stuff like that?
Majandra: No, I’m not that crazy, enough that I can say I sawUm, but I
believe in the whole Cosmos, all that stuff.
KIIS: (caller): Hi MajandraI was just wondering, is it true, that there’s a
rumor going around that you have a record deal?
Majandra: Yes, this is true. I’m working on music, however, it’s nothing
like what Maria sang, that was a Phil Colins remake, so I’m really not going
in that direction. But yeah.
KIIS: So the record deal is done, you have the deal?
Majandra: Yeah, I have the deal, so to speak. But I don’t know when I’ll
actually be releasing it, it’s just too far into the future for me.
KIIS: How many tracks are done right now?
Majandra: Um, 4?
KIIS: Hmm, you’re rolling with it, how many in progress now? Do you have
some written that you haven’t recorded?
Majandra: Oh, I have written like thirty songs, I spit them out like a
machine. But..but however, I don’t know if I’ll be using all of them or that
sort of thing. So it’s cool though, because it’s a very creative thing for
me, as opposed to acting, which is like you kind of doing what other people
tell you to do. Someone else’s words, someone else’s directions. This is like
my little babies.
KIIS: (caller): Hello Majandra, my question is that do you get along with the
cast members?
Majandra: Yes I do.
KIIS: (caller): Always?
Majandra: Yes, always. It’s kind of strange, I think if we all went to
school together, we would have found each other and had been a clique.
KIIS: How about the guys who hold the microphones, and cameras and the
director, you all get along?
Majandra: Oh yeah, yeah, work is so much fun. It’s kind of bad, because I
have to keep reminding myself: this is a job, you know?
KIIS: Speaking of other projects, you are in three new features that are
coming out?
Majandra: Yeah, they were independent..they are still.
KIIS: What do you play in those?
Majandra: Um, okay one is called “The Secret Life of Girls”, that went
straight to video. It went though the festival route and it went straight to
video, it’s in Blockbuster now. That is all about a girl in 1973, and it’s a
coming-of-age sort of thing. Fifteen year old girl, kind of a dork.
KIIS: Do you play the lead?
Majandra: Yes
KIIS: Okay that’s one of the features, what’s the second one?
Majandra: It’s called “The Learning Curve”, and it’s kind of like a
parody, but not so obvious, about the music industry and all the weird stuff
that goes on.
KIIS: Did you make that movie before you started shopping for the record
Majandra: No, I don’t think so.
KIIS: So you knew first hand what goes on in the record industry before
you made the actual..
Majandra: Oh yeah, I’ve been involved in singing when I was eleven. I had
a polygram deal when I was thirteen with my three best friends.
KIIS: Oh wow! Okay and the last movie I saw, what about the horror movie?
Majandra: Oh, “I Know What You Screamed Last Summer”.
KIIS: Is it gonna be a total theater release or independent route?
Majandra: You know, I don’t even know what’s happened to it. I was done
KIIS: (caller): My question is, how has being on show changed your life? Is
it more exciting?
Majandra: Well, I was on TV once before and it was on a bigger network,
meaning more viwered watched. So on “Roswell”, while we only get 3.7 million
viewers, on this TV show we’d get 14 million viewers. So it was a lot more
different then, because I was constantly being noticed, as opposed to now,
it’s a little more low-key.
KIIS: What TV show was it?
Majandra: It was called the “Tony Danza Show”. It didn’t last long, but it
lasted long in the sense they aired it in the span of a long time, but only 5
episodes were aired. So that was more crazy in that sense.
KIIS: When you walk around now, do you think people are like-
Majandra: Oh I’ll go to the mall with Brendan, people will swamp to him,
and they will say to his face, “I watch the show every week!” and they’ll
look right at me and have no clue that it’s me, no clue. Just because my hair
isn’t flipped up and I’m not in the alien uniform that I work in at the
Crashdown, they have no clue. It’s cool though, because I can have a normal
KIIS: (caller): First of all I just want to say that on Saturday I was at
LA, at the thingy where we got to go the sets and you were there.
Majandra: Oh the Roswellian gathering.
KIIS: (caller): And I was wondering is Brendan always really shy?
Majandra: Uh, I don’t know, did you think he was shy?
KIIS: (caller): Yeah he did, and almost as if he was afraid of the cameras or
Majandra: Oh that’s an act. Well, I dunno, I don’t see him as shy, and I
didn’t see him as shy that night either. I think it was because he was really
tired and sunburnt, and had just played in a baseball game, so he was kind of
um, just run down.
KIIS: I guess it’s time for you to roll. What time do you have to be at
the set tomorrow?
Majandra: 6 a.m. I don’t want to tell anyone. But the thing is that you
have to wake up, give yourself time to drive there. So I usually get up
around 4:30.
KIIS: Are you kidding? Well thank you for hanging out.
Majandra: Oh thank you.
KIIS: Majandra Delfino from the show “Roswell”. Watch the TV show!