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Brendan At Much Music Transcript

Thanks to Delilah for sending this in.

MMVJ: Welcome back to the 2000 much music video awards! How ya’ll
(Brendan puts his hand up and waves to the crowd)

MMVJ: Joining me now, the ultimate in a Alienated teenager from
Roswell. Brendan Fehr(turns to Brendan) What’s happening man?

Brendan: Hey, how are you guys doing?

MMVJ: good to see you today.

Brendan: Thank you.

MMVJ: So.. Here’s the situation, Aliens right now are all over the
place, I mean, you see them in your show, you see them in Korn
videos, Britney Spears videos. With the foo fighters name. What’s the
fascination with all this?

Brendan: I think I just made Aliens so damn cool!
(Crowd cheers and Brendan smiles a big one!)
(Shrugs his shoulders)
Yeah, I don’t know. I’m convinced I started it. So I’m sticking with
that story.

MMVJ: With an attitude like that, you ought to be in Rock and Roll.

Brendan: I wish.

MMVJ: Speaking of Rock and Roll, let’s get a look at your tattoo.

(Brendan bares his left upper arm to reveal a tattoo of a yellow
Alien in a crouched position, somewhat resembling the comic
character “Spawn” The crowd cheers grown louder.)

MMVJ: Now you just got this two weeks ago, right?

Brendan: Yeah, I just got it. I flew up to Vancouver and got it done.

MMVJ: You’re a good British Columbian boy.

Brendan: Yeah (Big Smile) I figured my first tattoo should be done in
Canada, so..

MMVJ: Well done. Now, what’s up with season two for Roswell?

Brendan: Season two for Roswell picks up from one, um, we go more
ScFi, more action. Ah, you know, kicking more ass, and it should be

MMVJ: And you got a new movie coming out?

Brendan: Yeah, I got a new movie. The Forsaken in January, it’s a
Vampire movie, so, um it’s pretty damn cool!

MMVJ: What’s coming up next is an ultimate, ultimate honor Brendan
man, you deserve to do this. Please introduce our next performer.

Brendan: (Takes the microphone) Thank you, ah.. (Cheers grow so loud
and Brendan smiles) Hey!! Yeah. (To the crowd) Ah, they gave me a
whole script about what to say, all this good stuff about this guy,
and I forget it. I’m just going to let him prove it to ya. How good
he is. Here’s Moby!!!!

(Moby begins to play)