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Jason Behr mentioned in Victor Salva Interview

There is an interview with Victor Salva, who directed “Rites of Passage”, on the Wolfe Video site.

Here is an excerpt where Mr. Salva talks about casting Jason Behr in the lead role.

[..] “For the lead in the film, young Cambell, a very gifted actor came in to read and we cast him on the spot. But he couldnt get out of his TV show to fit our shooting schedule and we had to look further. This was a hard thing for everyone. For the actor because he really wanted to do this and for us because he had really nailed the part.

With barely a week before we had to shoot, we were forced to go back to the casting process. At the end of another long line of auditions, when I was seriously thinking we were going have to compromise the project because we could not find another Cambell – Jason Behr walked in.

He was moving, strong, genuine, very sexy –and all in the nick of time. I believe in kismet to a large degree in the making of motion pictures and I think Jason happened to us like he did, when he did, because this was the young man who was meant to play Cambell. I found Jason wonderfully hard-working and ego free. He is one of those rare actors that rivals your own dedication and enthusiasm for making the movie the best that it could be.”[…]