Mentions on last weeks News

This is late I know! My mail box is running over! This is a sampling of what people mailed me about the campaign mentions on the news after last weeks show!

From Mel:

Just wanted to let you know that our local WB news station ran a brief
report on the Tobasco campaign tonight after Roswell. I”m pretty sure
it was something the WB had worked up for all their affiliate stations.
It showed clips of the show featuring the aliens using Tobasco, Valenti
looking at the Tobasco bottles left on the table after the shooting in
the Pilot, etc. And the newscasters said something to the effect that
fans had sent in over 3000 bottles of Tobasco in support of Roswell
hoping to renew the show and save it from cancellation. Oh, and I liked
their tag line before the spot ran- “The WB is seeing red over their
show “Roswell”.” Thought that was cute! I hope this aired on lots of affiliates and everyone who sent in Tobasco gets the joy of seeing all our hard work promoted on television!

From Suzanne:

The WB17 in Philadelphia had a 2 minute segment on the wb getting swamped by tasbasco sauce and how you can save Roswell. I have it on tape.

From MyrnaLynne:

Then after the show, on the 10 p.m. Channel 56 Boston news, they had a piece on “The fans of Roswell’s campaign to save the show!” Woo-hoo.(I taped that too) Told about the mailing of tabasco sauce, showed clips from Independence Day! :> Looks like the ratings rocked also. Doing a happy little renewal dance now.

From LuckyBug:
” ‘Save our show’ that is the call from fans of the WB drama Roswell
tonight. The network still hasn’t decided if the show will be back next
year, but fans have sent more than 2,000 bottles of tabasco sauce to
network honchos, urging them to keep the show on the air. Why tabasco sauce you ask? Well, the aliens on the show put tabasco sauce on everything they eat, even dessert.”

From Jeepy:

Last night after Roswell aired, our local WB station aired a bit on the fan campaign and the Tabasco sauce. Our local station is WB 11 in Philadelphia. Anyway just wanted to let you know!

From smile81:

It went like this (i taped it so that I could write it down)… Some Roswell fans have shown they are hot to save their fav. show. (clip of liz pulling up her shirt to show hanprint is playing)They sent in more then 2,000 bottles of tabasco sauce to wbexecutives to get their attention. (clip of kyle and max (max isputting tabasco on his food))
The shows aliens put tabasco on just about everything they eatand today fans bought an ad in daily variety magazine.It has a handprint which appears throughout the show and reads: roswell we believe. (cut to scene of liz looking at the handprint and max pointing up) The WB hasn’t decided yet if roswell will return next season.


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