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New Roswell Mentions in Teen People

Thanks to Michelle for this rundown of content in the new Teen People!

ADS: This week, one full-page ad (p.197) for Shiri Appleby in the Levi’s Lot 53

MORE IMPORTANT: This issue was the “The 25 hottest stars under 25” issue. Guess who was one? For you Brendan fans out there, he was chosen as one of the 25. (Sadly, these people are so narrow-minded; Jason Behr just missed the cut-off, having turned 26 last December! No accounting for taste!)

(The full-page photo shows him cuddling up with Carly Pope of “Popular”, looking
up at the ceiling, contrary as always – – but – – here’s news: he’s not wearing
clothes by Levi’s! A much cooler outfit – – swank trousers and a blood-red
brocade shirt.)

What it said:

brendan fehr, 22
UNTIL BRENDAN FEHR WALKED INTO A Vancouver management agency looking for modeling work in 1997, the Canadian knew zilch about things like scripts and
auditions. Still, the Manitoba native tried out for the role of sexy brooder
Michael on “Roswell” and snagged it. The instant, small-screen success was a
shock, considering, he says, that “[growing up in Canada], you wanted to be a
hockey player because that’s what you saw on TV all the time.” Now, Canadian
kids are starting to think, “Hollywood’s not so far away,” he says.


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