Crashdown ExclusiveRoswell

Recent problems with Crashdown and FanForum

I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on lately with the site problems.

We had a major server crash over the weekend, as we were in the process of doing a major upgrade to the message boards. (No, the upgrade did not cause the problem)

The crash heavily damaged our operating system, and the server problem leading up to it had been affecting our backups, before it caused the crash. So we could have installed from the last clean backup, which would have caused us to lose the last 10 days or so of boards, and about 500 members who have registered in that time. Rather than doing a complete reinstall, and with guidance from the server company, we have been trying to repair the damage. Since the message board was in an in-between state when this occured, that has been a source for no end to problems.

We think things have turned a corner, and NetRanger, GoldenBoy, Mark and I have been working on these issues for about 16 hours per day, along with the tech support people at our company.

We are fully aware of how irritating this is to all of you, and I hope you can see how much it is for us as well. But we are dilligently working on restoring things to full and even better than before operations.

Please bear with us, and send out kind thoughts to our poor server, and the people trying to fix it.

Best Wishes


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