Illegal use of copyrighted pics from this site

As most of you know, crashdown now has exclusive candid pictures on the site, which were taken by professional photographer Christina Radish. She holds the copyright on these, and we can only use them with the deal that they not be distributed elsewhere on the net.

Several people have already begun taking these pictures, and putting them on other Roswell sites, or on yahoo and other clubs.

This is going to cause to lose the right to host these pictures. If you have taken them, and put them on another site or club, please take them down.

I’m asking nicely right now because I can’t imagine that anyone would want to go against the photographer’s wishes, and cause everyone that enjoys this site to not be able to see stuff like this. Please help us out with this! Also, if anyone notices these pics showing up elsewhere, can you mail me about it so I can let the webmasters know that they are potentially taking these away from everybody??

Thank you,



not an active member anymore.