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Majandra Spills the Beans

Thanks to MatchboxGLT, and aimee for sending this in!

This comes from alloy.com:


Wanna know the inside scoop on the next season of an out-of-this world show?
We spoke with Roswell girl Majandra Delfino, and she let us in on a few
secrets about what to expect in the upcoming episodes of the sci-fi drama,
which she’s set to start shooting in a few days. Majandra assured us that her
character Maria would have some phat new gear for the new season, definitely
a crazier wardrobe than before. And, as for Maria’s romance with Michael,
apparently the star-crossed sweeties are in for some rocky times.
Majandra’s real life relationship with fellow Roswellian Brendan Fehr,
however, is not quite so complicated. Majandra shyly admits “He’s actually
the [Roswell cast member] I hang out with the most. He’s, uh, my boyfriend in
real life. We’ve been dating for, like, the past six months.” So what is it
about this stargazing stud that makes Majandra swoon? “Brendan is a lot of
fun,” she said. “He’s actually a lot cooler than Michael. He’s not moody.
He’s so different from Michael. It’s so funny to me. But he’s an actor —
what can I say.” Couldn’t happen to a cooler girl.