WB Rescues ‘Felicity,’ ‘Roswell’

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May 17, 2000
WB Rescues ‘Felicity,’ ‘Roswell’

At a press conference to herald its new fall lineup,
the WB announced that it has spared teen series
“Felicity,” “Roswell” and “Popular” from cancelation.
The series, ratings’ strugglers all, were fan
favorites. “Roswell” enthusiasts bombarded the WB
mailroom with bottles of Tobasco sauce (a condiment
favored by the show’s teen aliens); “Felcity” fans
mailed locks of hair (in reference to “Felcity” star
Keri Russell’s infamous haircut). Among the new fall
series: “Nikki,” a starring vehicle for Nikki Cox
(“Unhappily Ever After,” “Norm”) and “Grosse Pointe,”
an inside look at a successful primetime soap from
real-life successful primetime soap producer Darren
Star (“Beverly Hills, 90210” and HBO’s current “Sex
and the City”). The WB also picked up ABC’s “Sabrina,
the Teenage Witch” and the Eddie Murphy animated
series from Fox, “The PJs.” In an interesting move,
the WB plans to air “Felicity” and the returning “Jack
& Jill” in the same time slot (Wednesdays at 8 p.m.).
“Felicity” will air through December, followed by
“Jack & Jill” through March and the return of
“Felicity” come April.


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