Campaign Mention in Sci-Fi Mag

Thanks to ebe5 for sending this in!

From scifi magazine (with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Prof. X
on cover):

August 2000 issue
pg. 16

…Ah, spring: renewal season. Or nonrenewal, as the case may be.

Fan have fought harder than ever for their favorite Sci-Fi television shows this year, using some new and creative tactics. Roswell fans, for example, sweating out a nail-biter as the WB network waited till the last minute before making a decision, formed a corporation called Alien Blast and collected about $5,000 to buy full-page ads in Variety in support of the show. To make sure the suits at the WB felt the heat, fans mailed some three-thousand bottles of Tabasco hot sauce (beloved of the series’ alien
characters) to the network.


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