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Katherine Heigl: Tv Fanatic Celeb of the Day

Thanks to Cheryl (OlderFan) for sending this in!

From Tv Fanatic:

When I first saw Katherine Heigl in the addicting WB series Roswell last year, I asked myself, “Who is that girl?”

For her age, her bio is very impressive, to say the least. In 1992, at the tender age of 13, Katherine began her film career in the movie That Night co-starring with Juliette Lewis.

Less than a year later, her first starring role came at the age of fourteen when she shared the screen with French actor, Gerad Depardieu, in the film, My Father the Hero. She later went on to co-star in such films as Under Siege 2, Wish Upon a Star, Stand-ins, Prince Valiant and the recent sequel to the Child’s Play franchise, The Bride of Chucky.

Besides starring in Roswell, other recent small screen credits include a pivotal role in which she played the daughter of Academy Award winner, Peter Fonda, in the television adaptation of “The Tempest.”

In a December addition of the Chicago Tribune, Katherine discussed her role in the highly acclaimed television series, Roswell.


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