10 TV Women Most Deserving of Promotions

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10 TV Women Most Deserving of Promotions

5. Majandra Delfino, Roswell (WB): This Venezuelan/Cuban actress who got her start on The Tony Danza Show two years ago is fun and fiery as the non-alien waitress in Roswell. But that frenetic energy could be put to much better use and the show could easily survive without her. Recommendation: Since the blonde Delfino is herself a singer (deal pending with Reprise) how about crafting a Latino sitcom with Delfino as teen Miami girl whose obsession with and impersonation of Charro gets her into many predicaments. Bruno Campos (out of job when Jesse gets canceled), Wilmer Valderama (That ’70s Show), and Freddie Prinze Jr. (House of Yes) can co-star. Gloria Estefan or Maria Conchita Alonzo (even Elizabeth Pena) could round out the cast as Delfino’s wise-cracking, former musician mom. If you film it in Miami, Estefan wouldn’t have too far to commute.


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