Women on the Verge

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By Sam Jemielity What’s the story behind your name?

Dido: My parents gave it to me. Dido was the queen of Carthage in Latin literature. She was this great warrior queen.

PB: Do you take after her?

Dido: No, ’cause she killed herself. I hope not.

PB: You weren’t much of a fighter growing up?

Dido: Well, yeah, I was a fighter, but I wouldn’t call myself a warrior queen. I might in my world of fantasies.

PB: Has the Eminem hype taken on a life of its own for you?

Dido: It’s really funny. All of a sudden, there I am, touring away, used to my obscurity. Suddenly, all these people are asking me questions like, “What does it feel like to be on an album where he’s screaming about killing women and gays and blah blah blah?” and it’s like, Omigod, wiiiilll you lighten up. It made me actually feel for him in a funny sort of way that he must get asked these questions every second of his life.

PB: Were you surprised that he adapted your song?

Dido: I was really pleased, ’cause I loved his last album.

PB: That song has been used on the Sliding Doors soundtrack and on an HBO special during a love scene between Sharon Stone and Ellen DeGeneres. Has it surprised you how many places it’s shown up?

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