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‘Roswell’ star’s efforts may be a real page-turner

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‘Roswell’ star’s efforts may be a real page-turner
Bill Husted

Denver Post
Page A-02
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Denver teens should be burning through a lot of books this summer. WB2 hottie Katherine Heigl (‘Roswell’) started appearing this weekend on local TV in a series of public service announcements urging kids to join the Denver Public Library’s summer reading program.

In the PSA, Heigl looks like the preppie Connecticut kid she is in a red pants suit and white top with her hair pulled back in a women’s headband.

Not exactly the same looks she sports in the June issue of guy- mag Maxim, which makes kids cross-eyed and read ‘hubba-hubba.’

Heigl might even get me to take up bookworming. When Maxim asked her about dating, she answered, ‘I actually prefer older men. Guys are kind of retarded until they’re about 35.’


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