report on the upcoming crashdown party

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Should we have a contest to see which other web site can best cover our party, without a mention of the fact that its “The Official Party” or a gathering of people from”


Roswell Party to be held in Los Angeles

Next Saturday, Roswell devotees are congregating to celebrate and raise awareness for their favorite show.

Four hundred fifty fans will fill up Hollywood’s Key Club on Sunset Blvd. and will also try to raise money for World Vision 30 Hour Famine, which feeds starving children all over the world, and of which Brendan Fehr is a spokesperson.

Roswells’ own executive producer Kevin Kelly Brown will act as auctioneer for the event and a few other key people may show up too.

Unfortunately, the party is already booked full, but will definitely be there to cover the event and we’ll make sure to give you first scoop!
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