Gist coverage of the party

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Roswell Party 08/11/00
The Fan Forum Crashdown Roswell party was a major success! Over 450 fans
from all over the world crowded into the Los Angeles Key Club where auctions
on Roswell goodies took place. Among the items sold were Max’s surgical
scrubs (auctioned at $4000), an autographed copy of the Pilot script, a
countless amount of clothes, and much, much more. In all, the RIHHIN
(Roswell is Hot, Hunger is Not) organization raised over $23,000, proving
once again, the fans of Roswell are by far the best!

To make the night even more enjoyable, the entire cast of the show mingled
around the club, and from what I have heard, almost everyone who attended
the party had the chance to say “Hi” to their favorite stars. Towards the
end of the night, the cast jumped up on the stage, thanking the fans of the
show for their support throughout the season.

Planning for next year’s party will start soon. Head on over to Fan Forum
for more information.


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