Roswell airing on the weekends in some areas

August 17, 2000 Posted by Kenna

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in notices of weekend airings of Roswell… on Saturdays in some locations and Sundays in others.

Be sure to check your local television listings to see if Roswell will be airing in your area over the weekend!

Also, thanks to Samantha for sending this in…

I just received mail from the local WB station (I live in Orlando, FL) saying that they will be running the earlier episodes of Roswell here on Saturdays at 1 PM, in addition to the regular Monday episode. It starts this Saturday… I’m hoping it’s the Pilot. They said they hope to draw more viewers in by showing the first episodes, so everyone is acquainted with how it all began.

Again, everyone check your local listings so you don’t miss out if your WB affiliate has decided to do the same!