Statement On Emails About YA And Roswell Rumors

Hi All,

It’s come to my attention both through the message boards and through the numerous emails I, Squanto and prolly some of the other staff are receiving about Roswell supposely being replaced midseason. It appears this rumor started because The WB is showing a special two-part episode of Popular August 24 and 25 so Young Americans is airing on August 21 and 23 instead. Because of that, Roswell will not be aired on Monday, August 21.

This has no indication whatsoever that the show will be replaced by Young Americans come January. I’ve seen the new fall lineup and there are lots of places that YA can go and it’s not just on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Please everyone just relax about this rumor that has gotten out of hand. A lot can happen between now and January. Keep up all the work you’re doing with the show and don’t give up hope that all is lost.

You’ll be the first to know when anything official is released by the net on the show.