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I’m just posting these all at once. Enjoy and thanks to all who sent them in:

‘Roswell’ star Majandra Delfino undergoes dramatic hair change for season

SPOILER: New casting confirmed for Roswell

Maybe I’m just blind or seeing something other that what happened but from what they said in their story, I certainly didn’t see SMG do what Thirsty is saying she did

TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: Roswell, bitter much?
Mandy Note – the only problem I have with this story is they were not up for four awards in the final selections-only Brendan was technically up for an award and second of all, they were not repeating the phrase “We Should Have Won.” backstage. Majandra introduced herself in the press room and then added “Brendan Fehr should have won” jokingly and then Brendan was next and he repeated her statement twice and added something about the awards sucking. I have the whole thing on tape in fact

SPOILER-New Character