A Little Roswell Reunion in Shiri’s Backyard

Edited by Tina

In October 2018, Shiri Appleby went LIVE on Instagram. She told her live audience that she’s out in the backyard and that she has a special friend that’s over hanging out. “Do you guys know who that is?”, she asked. “Who is that guy”, repeated her guest after some time while Shiri let the fans send in their guesses. While he was running around in the background, playing with the kids someone guessed it right: “It’s Liz and Max!”.

Shiri called Jason to join her and both of them said “Hi”. Shiri told her followers that Jason did not even know what Instagram Live was.

“What is social media?”, responded Jason knowingly with a big smile on his face, when Shiri asked the fans, if he should get on social media.

She later posted two pictures from his visit and captioned them ”It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood 🌈 #roswell”. The first is a selfie of them in Shiri’s backyard and the second shows Jason sitting in the kitchen, holding up a promotional photo of his alter ego Max Evans.

Are they cooking up something special for the upcoming Roswell anniversary next year? Man, we would love to see them back on screen together.

For now, enjoy them sharing the screen on Shiri’s mobile phone:


//Edit: Video added on May 3, 2020