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Thanks to Shandi, Sheila, and everyone else sending this in:

Teen Awards Voting Link
The link is up now, so head on over and vote!

Wildest hairstyle:
Gwen Stefani’s pink ‘do
Nick Carter’s wild ‘do
Sisqo’s silver ‘do
Vitamin C’s orange ‘do
Brendan Fehr’s wacky ‘do

Actor who so deserves more attention:
Josh Hartnett, Here On Earth
Shane West, Whatever It Takes
Jason Behr, Roswell
Bryce Johnson, Popular
Breckin Meyer, Road Trip

Best Teen cover:
Shiri Appleby
Jessica Simpson
Popular stars Leslie Bibb and Carly Pope
Mellisa Joan Hart and her sister Emily

Fave new actress:
Leslie Bibb, Popular
Shiri Appleby, Roswell
Mena Suvari, Loser
Kate Bosworth, Young Americans
Tara Reid, American Pie

Best romantic storyline on a nighttime drama:
The Pacey, Joey, Dawson love triangle on Dawson’s
***The on-again off-again relationship between Michael
and Maria on Roswell***

The on-again off-againrelationship between Jackie and
Kelso on That 70s Show.
The on-again off-again relationship between Felicity
and Ben on Felicity.
Jack and Jill on Jack & Jill