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Your Favorite Television Couples
Last week I asked you to tell me your favorite television couples (for my list, click here). Since I was an accounting major in college, I think it is fairly accurate to tell you that about a gazillion people wrote in to tell me that Max and Liz of Roswell are by far their favorite television couple. Linssen said, “I can’t seem to watch other couples on TV with out comparing them to Max and Liz.” Abducte42 wrote, “They have a romance and mythological love that is intensely passionate, unconditional and heartbreaking all at the same time.”

An equal number of readers thought I was totally crazy for loving Kelly and Dylan together. Weeniemak wrote, “You shouldn’t get the guy when you started screwing around with him when he was your BEST FRIEND’S BOYFRIEND!”

Other favorites included:

Michael and Maria from Roswell

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me. I’m looking forward to hearing your least favorite television couples!