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Katherine’s Interview With FHM

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To read the rest of the article, head to FHM-Katherine Heigl. Be warned-this is not for everyone..

Roswell High’s mind-reading alien katherine heigl paid fhm a visit in her sauciest photoshoot yet…

You played Sarah Ryback in the 1995 clunker Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. You’ll have to spill the beans now – how weird is Steven Seagal?
Well, he was really nice to me – though he did go everywhere surrounded by these five bodyguards. And he never stuck to the script – I was constantly having to improvise. Eventually, the director took me aside and said, “Look – don’t worry. If I have to, I’ll edit it word for word.” I believe Steven’s now a reincarnation of Buddha, or something. No, we don’t do lunch anymore.