The Times Picayune – TV Focus Roswell Letter

Thanks to Thicket for sending this in.

The letter I sent to my local paper (The Times-Picayune – New Orleans paper)
was printed in the letters section of the paper’s weekly TV magazine TV Focus
for Sept. 17-23, 2000.

From Focus Forum:

It would be so fitting for you to do a feature on The WB television show
Roswell now that the new season is approaching!

Many feel that the critically acclaimed Roswell will be the HOTTEST
sophomore show, and there is much buzz, anticipation, and excitement for the
new season.

I know that the legions of loyal Roswell fans – an amazing group of people
themselves – would love to see a feature done on this show by TV Focus now
that the last intense reruns are airing leading up to the premiere. Anything
you can do to support this fantastic show would be great!

Thank you.