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Article of Colin in Orange County Register

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This was an article I saw in the newspaper on Saturday, January 13. I’m
glad to see that Colin will be playing a huge part in this movie.
Dubious Cinema Debut for O.C.

Film: The comedy “Orange Coutny” will feature all the facets
of the Southern California stereotype.

By Stephen Lynch
The Orange County Register

It is perhaps not enough that the movie “Orange County” – a comedy that
starts filming here this month – will feature pot-smoking loafers and
“dude”-spouting surfers. The main character will spend the entire film trying
to escape from here.

“It’s about a smart id who is trying to get away from his shallow SoCal
sufer’s life,” says Linda Alexander, a spokeswoman from MTV Films, which is
producing “Orange County” along with Paramount Pictures.


It doesn’t help that the smart kid, played by Colin Hanks, son of Tom
and star of the television series “Roswell,” is trying to get away to, of all
places, Stanford. That is, Northern California. Shallow?!

“Orange County” was written by Mike White, who also wrote the oddball
movie “Chuck and Buck.” According to his biography, White is from Ohio.
Besides Hanks, the film will star Harold Ramis, Catherine O’Hara, and Lily
Tomlin as the guidance counselor who messes up Hanks’ Stanford application,
forcing him to beg, plot and connive his way into the university.

“It’s kind of like ‘Flirting with Disaster’ meets ‘Risky Business,'”
Alexander says. “His mother is an alcoholic, and his brother is a
drug-addicted couch potato. It’s very funny.”

Maybe so, but is it really worthy of the county’s first eponymous

Dennis Junor, a surfing photographer from Newport Beach, was contacted
about using one of his posters as a prop in the film.

He accepted, but he’s bemused by the big-screen stereotypes.

“I’m hoping Hollywood will get off the idea that we all smoke pot and
hang out in Volkswagen vans,” Junor says.

Dude, tall order. “Orange County” will be in theaters sometime late this
year of in early 2002.