LeadingMajandra Delfino

Majandra Up For ‘You Sexy Thing”

Thanks to Roswellian360, meretwins (for the summary I am using), Melissa, malka (as well for her summary), Miranda, JCHB9892, dancelover16, Jessica, otrigo and anyone else who may have sent this in :)

meretwins-“well this was oringinally posted by my sis daiseygirl on the roswell2 board:
Hey y’all~
I was just at tvguide.com and Maj is up between some girl from popular for
“You Sexy Thing”. Right now Maj is losing. I figured y’all would be able to
put an end to this! ~_~
http://www.tvguide.com/games/yst/ ”

Malka-“By Popular Demand
Of course they’re sexy! Majandra Delfino and Tamara
Mello are two of the WB’s hottest sidekicks. Only one
can be sexier, though, and your vote could decide.

The link is You Sexy Thing
Under Majandra’s picture is this: “Secret Admirer
As the sarcastic Maria DeLuca on Roswell, Majandra
Delfino keeps the aliens on their toes and the
audience laughing each week. No wonder Brendan Fehr
can’t keep his eyes of this Venezuelan cutie!”So far
Tamara Mello’s winning, I think it’s something like