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Teen People – Emilie De Ravin

Thanks to Sheila for sending me this from Teen People November.

Emilie de Ravin – “Guess I’m a legal alien, and she’s an illegal alien”, says Emilie de Ravin, 18 of Tess, the character she plays on Roswell. The Australian de Ravin, who was featured in six pivotal episodes last season, will be back this fall to vie for the affections of her fellow alien Max(Jason Behr).

Q. Tess shook things up between Max and Liz(Shiri Appleby) last spring. Did you get hate mail?

A. No. I think viwers realize that Tess came on the show with a purpose: To tell Max, Isabelle and Michael what they must do to keep our species alive.

Q. What’s in store for her now?

A. Tess is finding that she has human emotions, and the aliens help her discover her compassionate side.

Q. What changes would you like to see for Tess this season?

A. I’d like her to get a trendier wardrode. She’s cool, but she could get more of that groovy-chick thing going on.

Q. What show do you always tape?

A. Friends. I just laugh. I love it!

Q. What other TV character would you love to play?

A. Jeannie on I Dream of Jennie or Samantha on Bewitched. They’re both witchy people. I loved the fantasy aspect of those shows.