Sugar Magazine Interview – Jason Behr

Thanks to MyrnaLynne for sending this to me

Thanks to N1Joshluver (Helen), JB board UK roving reporter, for this:

“Sugar Magazine” November 2000. Interview with Jason Behr
written by Leo Roberts and Steve Gidlow

You’ve gone from “Dawson’s Creek” to “Roswell High” – which d’you like best?

“Dawson’s was such a great show to work on! They have such a great crew and
I guess I do kinda miss them all. But I have this show now and I love it!”

What did you like most about Dawson’s?

“It gave me great exposure and the whole experience was a lot of fun. My
character, Chris, wasn’t the nicest of guys in Capeside, but Wilmington,
[North Carolina] where the show is filmed, is a beautiful place to work and
the people there were so friendly.”

What’s brilliant about “Roswell High”‘s character Max?

“He’s caring, thoughtful and is just trying to [deal with] the changes in
his life. Everyone goes through that, so he’s kinda like me, but an Alien!”

What’s the vibe with your Roswell co-stars?

“The whole cast is just fantastic. We all really bonded and got along great
right from the start.”

Roswell’s actually a real-life town in New Mexico, where aliens have
supposedly been sighted – have you been to the real Roswell?

“No, but we were all talking about goin’ there the other day! We all want to
do a big field trip down there and check it out. It’d be a bit like doing
some research, y’know? We could go and check out the actual crash site and
talk to people who really live there. That would be so cool!”

So Jase, do you think aliens really exist?

“I don’t know! I do believe that there’s something out there, but I’m not
sure they’re little green men. Who really knows for sure? I don’t, but I
guess I do believe we can’t be the only intelligent life form that ever
existed in the universe.”

Were you always a big sci-fi fan?

“Yes! The film ‘ET’ had a profound impact on me when I was a child. I really
enjoyed movies like that. I think everyone likes the fantasy of it all,
wondering whether there could be other intelligent life forms out there.
It’s fascinating.”

Have you ever had a close encounter with any extraterrestrial types?

“Not lately, but if I do ever see any aliens, I promise you’ll be the first
ones to know!”