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Transcript of Roswell On News Last Night

Thanks to Christina(Rozrules) for sending this in :)

Reporter: Critics hailed Roswell as the next X-Files. The show stars Jason Behr as Max Evans. A teenage alien struggling to come to terms with his past. He falls in love with Liz played by Shiri Appleby. The show originally concentrated on the Science Fiction story line but then quickly changed focus to the budding romances of its characters.

Do you think the show went through an identity crisis at all? It started very Sci-Fi.

Jason: Sure, I think that the first season of any show, you are trying to
find that voice. I think it takes some time to get there.

Reporter: As the show moved further away from Sci-Fi Roswell lost its
appeal to audiences. But the stars say the standards they were being held
to were unrealistic.

Do you think the expectations are to high?

Majandra: The X-Files didn’t do well until the second year and like I just
think yeah, the expectations are a little to high because we aren’t just
this sell out mainstream show where we do anything to be viewed. Do any
stunt, do any cheesy this and that.

Reporter: For a time no one knew for sure if Roswell would even be back for
a second season, so thousands of loyal fans decided they would do something
about it and it all started with their aliens favorite condiment. They
mailed the network bottles of Tabasco sauce in support of keeping the show.

Jason: I think it helped open a lot of eyes that there are people who do
watch the show and that do enjoy the story.

Reporter: This season you can expect more alien plot lines. The show will
move faster and have a darker edgier look.

Jason: Were back and were happy to be back. I think that there is more of
this story left to be told.