AICN Reviews “Max In The City” (Spoilish)

Thanks to Jen for sending this in. Follow the link to read the entire article. There’s no spoilers on this part of the article but there are spoilers once you click to the article.

HERC Reviews ROSWELL In The City!!

Hey, everyone. “Moriarty” here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

Damn you, HERCULES THE STRONG. I’m sick. Real sick. Like I can’t breathe and my nose is running and when I cough it feels like I’m being stabbed. That kind of sick. And you made me laugh out loud reading this week’s ROSWELL review. Twice. I’m going to go pass out from the pain. Everyone else… enjoy.
“Max in the City.”

Teleplay is credited to co-executive producer Ronald D. Moore (one of the chief architects behind “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and late-era “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” as well as co-screenwriter of the motion pictures “Star Trek: Generations” and “Star Trek: First Contact”). Moore also crafted this season’s second “Roswell,” which introduced Brody Davis and saw Maria pummel a self-inflated Max with a large textbook.