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Shiri talks “Life Unexpected” and “Roswell”

About.com spoke with Shiri on her CW project “Life Unexpected” and the interviewer asked a couple of “Roswell” question, too. You can find this latest interview here: An Interview with Shiri Appleby (Cate, ‘Life Unexpected’)

Read here a snippet:

In the late ’90s, the internet was gaining in popularity and television fans were just beginning to discover all the wonderful ways they could come together to support their favorite shows directly from their keyboards. The WB’s Roswell became one of the first series to bring together thousands and thousands of fans from all walks of life to gather and chat about those lovable aliens and eventually help save their favorite show (twice!).

Shiri Appleby played Liz Parker on Roswell and became an instant hit with fans as they followed her difficult teenage years trying to keep her alien boyfriend (Max) and his family safe from being discovered by the wrong people. To this day, Liz and Max remain one of the most popular television couples of all time.

Shiri’s latest role on the CW’s charming new series Life Unexpected finds her playing a completely different character — a radio talk show host who gave up her daughter for adoption when she was a teenager. I had the honor of speaking with this very talented and lovely actress about her new role, what fans can expect this season and her days on Roswell….


Q: Just about every member of the cast of Roswell has gone on to do great things with their careers, why do you think that is?

Shiri: “We had a great director (David Nutter) and executive producer (Jason Katims) and they really cast great actors. What has been really great is that everyone was able to work after the show ended. I don’t know what is was, but obviously something happened on that show that is hard to explain.”

Q: Do you still keep in touch with any of the cast members?

Shiri: “I see Colin (Hanks) every once in a while, we lived near each other for a while in New York. We made that show 10 years ago, our lives have gone in such different directions since then.”

Q: Were you happy with the way the show ended?

Shiri: “Yeah, I think it was nice that we got a third season on UPN and got to wrap the show up in a way. For some reason people really connected to that show, which is a special thing to take with you through life. We were all really young and it was exciting. It was my first big show, it was my first big anything, it was very flattering.”

Q: Anything to say to the fans?

Shiri: “I just want to say thank you so much for watching, I hope you’re enjoying the show and I hope it’s something you’ll embrace.”

“Life Unexpected” airs Mondays on the CW.