AOL Teens: Alien Invasion

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Alien Invasion

The X-Files is getting its 2nd wind. The 6th Day is psyching audiences on futuristic sci-fi. And Roswell is heating up the tube. Make no mistake. This holiday season, aliens are invading.

And we’d like to say thanks. Thanks to Robert Patrick, for making us miss Mulder a little less. Thank you, Ah-nuld, for not making another End of Days. And finally, thanks to the WB for giving us an all new type of TV alien: the teenage/superhero/model alien to which we can all kind of relate.

Rather than the innocent, curious creatures of yore (Mork and Mindy, 3rd Rock from the Sun), the aliens of Roswell are a lot like us: confused, afraid, loyal and in love. Of course, that’s because they’re not pure alien; they’re alien hybrids. (As is the show: a hybrid between the conspiracy-filled X-Files and the drama of Dawson’s Creek.) As hybrids, the Roswell folks are so much more interesting than your average alien. They’ve got our problems and alien dilemmas. Of course, one problem they ain’t got is looks. Will someone please tell us: were their human halves all models?