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Thanks to Michelle for this.


I think my part of the world still isn’t covered – Slovenia (Middle Europe).
Anyway we are watching Roswell as well, the first season. We had Toy House
episode last week and are waiting for Into the woods that is going to be on
the air on friday at 9pm.
The show was first aired on mondays 9pm, but now for to me unknown reason,
has been moved to fridays. Wonder why as most of youngsters go out weekend’s
evenings. The show isn’t much covered in the media, I doubt that people
aren’t interested in as other such popular shows made realy lots of noise.
Maybe just one of TV station policy again. Who knows.
Anyway I do hope that we are going to get 2nd season as well.


Thanks to Samantha for this :)

My name is Samantha and I live in Adelaide, Australia. I am a huge Roswell fan and love the show, but recently I’ve been getting worried. We used to get Roswell over here and for the first few episodes it showed at 8.30pm Monday nights. Then the network changed it to 10.45pm Friday nights. This didn’t help the show as it hadn’t got to build a big enough fan base yet. Roswell’s final episode was aired 3-4 months ago and at this point I’m not sure if they will be airing the second season of Roswell due to bad ratings, which I know is worrying all Australian fans. I’d like to appeal to all Australian fans to contact the network that was airing Roswell and try and convince them to air the second season. I’ll update if I find out anything new.

Thanks to Davide for this. If anyone can assist him, please let me know:

Milan, 15 NOV 2000
Hi, I�m Davide Teobaldo from Milan, Italy. �Roswell� is here, but I saw only twelve episodes because the second channel of TV state, RAIDUE, has stopped the show now. I�m afraid that the ratings aren�t so good. The Italian television viewers don�t like sci � fi. Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Voyager underwent to same fate: cancelled, the first after three seasons and the second after four.

�Roswell� changed hours four times in six weeks; it�s hard to follow my favorite show. The stories are touching and exciting; the actors are wonderful. For an hour a week I forgot all my problems; for that I thank J. Katims.

One question. Do you know if videotapes of �Roswell� will be on sale? Maybe it is my last chance to see the other episodes. I can read the transcripts of the screenplays and saw the pictures on Internet, but it�s not enough. I want to see more. I want action and romancing on TV. Of course I can see the episodes that I recorded, but I need new adventures. Is there someone out there? Help me; I�m on the verge of despair. I�m addicted to �Roswell�.


Thanks to Becki and Sheila for this:


My name is Becki and I am writing to you as I thought you might be interested in knowing about a Roswell High project in the UK.

We’re trying to get as much publicity as possible for Roswell High while letting the BBC know they’re onto a winner.

We’re going to do this by writing to Points Of View. A short programme on Sunday afternoons, BBC1 where people write in with their comments good or bad about programmes featured on the BBC.

The aim is of this project is to get Roswell High featured on POV with a few positive letters read out and a clip.

We’re hoping that non-Roswell High fans will watch this and be persuaded to tune in on Thursdays.

Also we’re hoping to really do this project in mass and really bombard POV with *positive* feedback. We want the BBC to know the fans are out there and we appriciate them. Maybe then they’ll consider treating Roswell High, “better” with like repeats and NO interuptions for sports etc…

Would you like to help us?

If so please take a few minutes and write to POV ( It just needs to be a short and simple letter explaining how great you think Roswell High is. How its so original and refreshing. How its balance between romance and sci-fi is so appealing etc….Just compliment the show and the BBC basically. This is just a guide though. Just write what feels right to you.

If you have any questions or queries whatsoever please feel free to email me.

Thanks for your time. If you do decide to write to POV it will really make a difference!

Becki :)
Roswell 4EVA (sci_fi_girl @ fanforum)

PS: You may wanna check out this message thread at fanforum with all the details and other Roswell High fan’s responses to the project.

Message Thread

Thanks to M.S. for this:

Not sure if you have this info, Ive been browsing for an eternity, trying to find out if us UK roswellites will be blessed with season 2. Finally SKY ONE has confirmed that the day I have been waiting for will be FEB 2001!! Most happy am I.


Thanks to Germ�n for both of these :)

My name is Germ�n (currently –Max-Arg– in Fanforum) and I’m a 100% Roswell fan from Argentina, at the bottom of America. I have some news for you about Roswell in latin america.
As you may know Roswell airs on Canal Fox every Wednesday 7:30p.m. and re-runs on Thursday 1a.m., Sunday 2p.m. and next Wednesday 12p.m. (of course, later at 7:30p.m. the next episode airs). Destiny premiered on October 11th in Canal Fox, the next week they re-ran The Balance and from the next Monday they started airing Buffy the vampire slayer from Monday to Friday at 7:30p.m. for two weeks, this is from Monday October 26th to this Friday, November 3rd. On November 6th, the same thing will happen with Roswell! This means that from Monday 6th to Friday 17th Roswell will air Monday to Friday 7:30p.m. in a selection of the best episodes. After that I guess that Fox will return to its normal time table and Roswell will come back to its weekly air time. I hope that on March 2001 we will have Season 2 around here. I have to tell you that this is for all latin america.
See ya soon for more updates!

Hey there, it’s Germ�n from Argentina, again with some updates of Roswell around here!
For two weeks, Roswell is airing monday to friday 7:30 p.m. (re-runs 1:00 a.m.) and this is the table of the episodes Canal Fox is going to air:

Tuesday 7th – BLIND DATE
Thursday 9th – SEXUAL HEALING
Friday 10th – CRAZY
Tuesday 14th – FOUR SQUARE
Wednesday 15th – MAX TO THE MAX
Thursday 16th – WHITE ROOM
Friday 17th – DESTINY

Thanks to Liz for this:

I was reading your “Roswell round the world” news article and thought I would let you know,that “Roswell” can be seen in Panama on Wednesday evenings
at 8:00 p, ET. We’re up to episode 18 (“Four Square”) which will
air tonight. (November 1).