Various Cast Information For “Roswell”


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Shiri’s 22nd birthday is on Thursday, December 7, 2000. You can wish her a
happy birthday at the or at

Go Wish Shiri Happy Birthday

and click on her birthday….whether or not she will even see the posts, I
do not know!! But I thought you might like to know it was her birthday nect


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January 2001 issue of “J-14” magazine, page 34, has a big photo of Jason Behr and his December 30 birthday for the Capricorn horoscope.

Also p. 104 and 105 has a teeny photo of Jason in their J-14 fingertip fortune teller (you know those things that fold up and you tell fortunes with them) and says “In the movie of your life, who would be your leading man?”

“Jason Behr: A little weird, that’s what your movie would be. Everything’s normal, and all of a sudden, one day, Jason shows up. It’s love at first sight. Intense, confusing, alien love, but love nonetheless.”


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Hey “Majandra” Music Fans

Check out some stills from some of the videos from Majandra’s soon to be launched web site at: . These pics were sent by one of “Majandra” music producers, Mr.Anthony Rodriguez.

Don’t forget, once the site is up the M Camp sign up list will be closed. So sign up now to be one of the first to be emailed. On how and where to buy “Majandra’s” cd, when it is released. Plus not only will you be one of the first, the cd will also be signed by “Majandra” herself!. So if you love her music and want to sign up write to: and let them know you’re a fan who want’s to be on the “M Camp List”!

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Majandra Delfino: Out of This World

Hey, i was wondering if you guys could possibly post information about a
Majandra birthday book project, which my site, is
offering the fans. Basically, they send in letters/cards for Majandra’s 20th
birthday, and in early february, it will be sent to her record producer where
he will than hand deliver it to majandra and take pictures of her with it. I
think its a really great opportunity for fans to securely get their letters
to majandra and know that she is gonna get it. You can read more or post a
link up to.. a href=””>Majandra Site

I have decided to take emails and that if they want to email him a a letter they can send it to :

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There are a couple of photos of Majandra – one modelling her red plaid pants on p. 91 and another with a little article about her music on p. 41:

“Majandra Delfino: Making music here on Earth”

As if her role as alien-loving human Maria on “Roswell,” and a part in the upcoming flick “Traffic,” weren’t keeping her busy enough, Majandra is ready to take the music world by storm! Singing and writing songs since the age of 13, she is now releasing her first CD.

“I booked a film before being signed to a major label, so everybody sees me as an actress first,” she tells ‘J-14,’ adding that music has always been her first love. With such influences as Nine Inch Nails, Bjork and the Beatles, music helps keep Majandra centered. “I think, without music, I’d probably have some sort of mental illness,” she confesses. “The relationship and connection of music is what makes me sane.” For more info on Majandra’s tunes, check out

Photo – by Christina Radish – you go girl! – caption: “Majandra’s got music in her veins.”


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Next Week is going to have an exclusive interview w/
Brendan Fehr and amazing gorgeous photos of him from our most recent photo
shoot, live footage can now be seen on click on
celebrity and then style.


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Hi! I found this in the Orlando (Florida) Sentinel’s TV TIME and wanted to share….

Q: I know you said you would write about “some of the actors” in a recent column about ROSWELL, but you should have included Tom Hanks’ son, Colin Hanks. He is a wonderful actor and helps make the show the hit it is. And I would like to pose a question: Is Tom Hanks a ROSWELL fan?
P.W., Longwood

A: Who knows? In the few interviews young Hanks has granted, he refuses to discuss his famous dad. Colin and his younger sister, Elizabeth are children from Hanks’ first marriage to actress Samantha Lewes. He also has two sons, Chester and Truman, from his second marriage to actress Rita Wilson.


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Vote for Katherine Heigl on Aliens Among Us at
Go Vote

Katherine has gone throught 2 rounds now and is going
into the 3 and hopefully the fourth. I think you can
start voting for her on Thursday or Friday until
Sunday. Okay this 3rd round she is compteting against
Alyssa Milano. After you vote, on the voting window
right click on it and then click back and you vote
again and repeat this as many times as possible. Come
on guys lets help her win.

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Also on page 23 there is a ‘beauty horoscope’ and they have Katherine Heigl for Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) – which is pretty funny, considering she is a Sagittarius (Nov 24)! Caption says: “Playing a mysterious alien is no stretch for Katherine Heigl” (text says Scorpios are ‘mysterious and secretive’; while Sagittarius – the real KH birthday – is “fun, fearless, adventurous and bubbly, Sags love to glam it up. Always looking for your spotlight.”)


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I just thought that I would bring it to your attention, that Majandra
Delfino and Miko Hughes stared in Zeus & Roxanne together. I know that I
probably didn’t spell any of that right, but I just thought that I would
point that out to all of you.

Thanks to Jess for this :) I remember this movie as I know the kid who throws up the food onto Arnold in the movie (the fat kid that is) as he actually lives in the neighborhood behind me and goes to my church

u know miko hughes aka nicholas? well..he was the little kid in “Kindergarden
Cop” (w/ Arnold Shwazanegga) that always said ” a man has a penis..a woman
has a vagina”!!!!! omg!!!!!! just tell epople to rent it and see it!! it’s
soo cute!! AWW


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Just a minor note… today’s (11/29) Farside comic on the page-a-day
calendar 2000 mentions the Roswell crash.

A flying saucer allegedly crashes in Roswell, N.M. (The official government
response of, “What crash?” does not satisfy saucerheads.)

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Friday night on the family edition on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,”
one of the fastest finger questions was to put the alien-themed TV shows
in order starting with the most recent. “Roswell” was one of the shows
listed (along with “Mork and Mindy,” “My Favorite Martian,” and “Alien
Nation,” I think). It’s a little thing, but it is more publicity for

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Roswell was part of the fastest finger question on Friday (11/24) evening’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The question was:

List the following television series with aliens in order of most recent debut.

— Mork & Mindy, 3rd Rock from the Sun, My Favorite Martian, Roswell. —

The answer was…

1. Roswell
2. 3rd Rock from the Sun
3. Mork & Mindy
4. My Favorite Martian

Go Roswell !!