More Mishmash Of Roswell Information

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Believe it or not but Jason Behr is on another ad in New Zealand! He sings ‘I got you babe’..AGAIN!!!!!!
But this time he’s not with New Zealand’s Shortland Street star.. Minnie Crozier!

This ad is really cool!
Its better than the other ad because this ad comes often than the other one and Jason is in it for longer!

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Katherine Heigl has been nominated as Sexiest Female Newcomer in the Maxim Awards

It is possible to vote for her at Vote For Katherine

A win may mean a new shoot :)

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The Teen Celeb Gossip of the Day
Thursday October 26, 2000

Tabasco Sauce Saves Roswell

As any fan of the UFO-aliens-in-high-school show knows,
Tabasco sauce is one of the outer space kids’ favorite
treats. And when WB Network execs were deliberating whether
to bring the cult series back this fall, devoted fans
decided to give them a nudge. With hot sauce. Over 6,000
bottles of Tabasco were mailed to the studio in an
Internet-launched campaign to rescue the show. It worked.
“Roswell” is here, promising more action and less romance.
Guess the execs figured things were hot enough with all
that Tabasco.

-Noz-E 1

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New Discoveries:
TV’s Up-and-Comers

OK, so maybe they aren’t household names — yet. But hey, even Regis Philbin
and the cast of “Friends” were unknowns once. And this year, proving once
again that hope springs eternal, the new TV season features a host of young
actors intent on joining the ranks of tiny tube stardom. Take, for example,
former model Alexis Bledel (starring in the new series “The Gilmore Girls”),
Brendan Fehr (from the sci-fi hit “Roswell”), Frankie Muniz (“Malcolm in the Middle”) and Hope Davis (starring with Oliver Platt in “Deadline”).