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Small Around The World Update


Thanks to Fernanda for this :)

My name is Fernanda and i’m from Brazil
i just want to you to know that Roswell finished his first season in october
of 2000 ( here )
and his second season will start in march of 2001 and we are really looking
for it !!!!!
The network that shows Roswell here in Brazil are Fox
see ya


Thanks to Ana for this :) Some of the info is old and I apologize :(

HI! My name is Ana and I live in Mexico City…
Anyway,I�m also a Roswell Fan. In the beginning, we only watched the show if
we had cable tv… but since last ahmmm thursday I guess… yes, last…
nov. 16th… local networks aired the tv show… ISN�T IT GREAT? But ok,
that�s just news from Mexico City… By the way, u have a great, Great,
GREAT website… Cooooool! hehe. Anyway, I�ll stay in touch with you for
more mexican news.


Thanks to AshBaby for this :)

Ahhhhhhh Finally, part of our Singapore Roswellian
dreams have come true. We wrote to our local TCS
station for re-runs in August and they did reply to
say they would be considering that.

Roswell’s Season 1 has now been scheduled for re-runs
on TCS 5 beginning 6th January, at 2 pm, Saturday!
( That’s a better
time than our previous late night 11pm slot! I hope it
increases viewership and the profile of Roswell here!

Our little campaign worked after all!! Here’s hoping
for Season Two!

(Thanks also to Jme who told me about the news!)


Thanks to Dani for this :)

I thought you might be interested to know that Sky One here in the UK has announced the early schedule of new programmes for February 2001, and amongst the new seasons of The X Files and Voyager is of course Roswell season 2 (they don’t list it as Roswell High, oddly enough)! It’s currently scheduled to begin on Wednesday 21st February 2001 on Sky One.

Thanks to Jazza for this :)

Sky One have acquired the rights to season 2 of Roswell
High, however, it is
not scheduled for broadcast at present.

Angela Hart
Viewer Relations