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The Talk WB: Jason Katims transcript

Thanks to Sheila for sending this in. I’m only posting the first few questions so if you want to read the entire thing, head to The WB’s Session With Jason Katims

The following is the session transcript from Monday, December 18. It has been edited for spelling and grammar.

TheWBAndrew: Our special guest today is Roswell Executive Producer Jason Katims. He’s here to answer your questions about the show, and give a hint as to what to expect in Roswell universe.

TheWBAndrew: We received over 600 questions in advance of today’s chat, so let’s get started.

TheWBAndrew: Perhaps the most popular question asked is about Max & Liz and Michael & Maria

TheWBAndrew: let’s take care of those right away…

The only thing on my mind is the situation between Max and Liz. I just want to know if they are getting together. Or is their relationship totally over?

Jason: It’s hard for me to say if and when they get back together because I honestly don’t know yet.

Jason: What I can say is I consider the Liz and Max relationship the central love story in the series.

Jason: Even the deepest of relationships has its ups and downs, so what I find interesting is to track their relationship even when they’re not technically together.

Jason: For example, the moment between Max and Liz at the end of the Christmas episode seems more poignant with them being apart than it would have been if they were together.