Various Magazine Articles and Information

Thanks to Caitlin for this:

you might already know this but theres a little thing in the February issue
of Teen Magazine with Majandra:

“Scene-stealing side kicks”

Familiar face: Majandra Delfino
How you know her: On Roswell, she plays Liz’s wisecracking buddy Maria, a.k.a
the girl who had a few french lessons with Michael (Brendan Fehr). Lucky girl!
Resume: No stranger to the tube, Majandra’s also had a stint on The Tony
Danza Show as his sassing daughter.
Say what: “I don’t date people who might be aliens. Maybe it’s crazy, but
it’s just a personal thing of mine.”

*other stars featured are Craig Lamar Traylor (Malcolm in the Middle), Elisa
Donavan (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), Danny Masterson (That 70’s Show), and
Tammy Lynn Michaels (Popular)

Thanks to PYTKean for this:

I got the newest issue of Teen People today Feb 2001 w/ Nsync on the cover
and Majandra and Brendan are featured in Shades of Love an 8-page special of
pictures of the couple. It starts on page 112 and then there’s a Kathrine
picture on page 69 and her most embarassing moment when her assistant
director was driving a golf cart to take her to form the roswell set to her
trailor and the director hit the gas too fast and set Kathrine flying out of
the golf cart. I also got hte New HOT! magazine and it’s got a Roswell
special too.

Thanks to TLC371 for this:

I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but Brendan and Majandra are in
the February 2001 issue of Teen People Magazine. They are in an 8 page
spread modeling clothes for Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to Christi for this:

I’m sure you have recieved a ton of emails about this but in the Feb. 2001
issue of Teen People, Majandra and Brendan have done a fashion layout. The
whole thing seems to be a shout out o all the candy gals and guys, for the
back drop is candies of all types and in one photo brendan’s shirt has M+M in
a heart (how sweet). I have scanned the pics a nd posted them on brendan’s
board on fan forum. The link is View Pics Of Brendan/Majandra

Thanks to Heather for this:

I’m not sure if anybody has already sent this in, but in the January issue of 16, it has 2 Roswell pin-ups. It has one with Jason,Brenden,Katherine, & Emilie and it has another of just Jason. (He was the hottie of the month!) And then towards the back it has this calendar thing, and for November 2001, it has a pic of the whole cast. Just thought I’d let ya know!