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Transcript of Jason Behr On KTLA Morning News

Thanks to pearlyshells for posting this on the Roswell 2 and Jason Behr boards. I saw the interview myself and in the beginning, they were talking about colored cookie dough and how Jason just had an energy drink, Red Bull before coming in. The entertainment guy’s name is Sam Rubin btw. Here’s the link to the interview thanks to Steph View Interview. If you want to see the entire news cast where he made faces and comments during the whole thing, here’s a link, KTLA Morning News Go to the 01:38:00 and it will begin around there.

Just caught the segment and did a transcript of it. I forgot the name of the guy who does the entertainment segment. Is it Mark? Oh well, I’ll just list it as KTLA. Here goes:

KTLA: Making miracles, Jason Behr, and you were here with your lovely co-star–

Jason: Shiri.

KTLA: Shiri, yes, and I could never get her name right!

Jason: Yes, for you, it’s Shu-ree.

KTLA: So Jason, we think it’s so funny, here look at what happened last time Jason was here.

-clip of previous interview:
KTLA: Stephanie, single in on Jason if you would, he’s gonna do a very difficult acting thing we love, can you do the thing we just totally love?

Jason: It’s actually Ja-son, everybody keeps calling me Jason.

KTLA: Ladies and gentlemen very good, excellent!
-end of clip

KTLA: We run that tape sometimes, just you know, for no reason really. It kills us!

Jason: Well it’s Ja-son here and always will be Ja-son.

KTLA: Do people ever ask you to do the :does the look from the Pilot where Jason points upwards: you do?

Jason: No, I think that sort of passed after the first couple of weeks. I guess people want me to heal them every now and then, you know, when they have a cold or sore throat.

KTLA: So then the show took a big turn this year, some people say, for a, you tell me, sci-fi then otherwise…

Jason: Well, I think if we had–if we were basically telling the story from a more human relationship point of view in the first season, we kind of switched perspectives to the alien point of view, into the sci-fi point of view. So we still have a lot of the relationships and the emotion there but things are a little bit faster, a little more X-Filian this year.

KTLA: And is that, X-Filian, is that, somebody says, “Gee, ratings-wise, this is a good idea, we should do this”?

Jason: Well it works, I think it keeps things very interesting. It moves the story along at a faster pace, and you can still have the emotion there, it just moves a little faster.

KTLA: We’ll look at the clip in a second. one thing that was very cool – Jason did not come in with this huge entourage and usually stars, you know, there are like 58 people with them. He bicycled here by himself. People say if people are going to change in year or two of the show–we’ve had some friends here from the WB who were nice the first year, horrible the second year. You seem fairly mod–you seem relatively unchanged. Do you think that’s a true statement? That that’s when it turns? has anybody on your show changed? You know what I mean?

Jason: Well I think if there’s a penchant for being affected by all this stuff, I mean it could happen at any time from the first season to the second season. I think that someitmes people tend to feel more comfortable in their actions the second season and if you feel like you need to do things in order to get attention towards yourself, make yourself feel better, then people are gonna do that. But you know, I can’t be anybody else but myself. I think my mom would probably hurt me and my grandma’s probably second in line, so you know, I just enjoy what I do. I try to just be myself.

KTLA: Good for you. We’ll look at the clip in just one second. Last year, it was on the rocks – is it gonna come back, is it not gonna come back? How do you feel about it this year?

Jason: I feel very confident. I feel very good about it, I think that the show has taken a nice turn. I think that the darker X-Filian perspective is very interesting and again, like I said, we still have that emotion, the relationships. It just takes things up one more notch by having it kinda dark like that.

KTLA: Here it is, a dark clip of tonight’s episode.

-clip of ARCC-

KTLA: Ooh, do you?

Jason: Do I tell her?

KTLA: Yeah.

Jason: Yes. In fact, I do. I’m thinking about donuts and Red Bull. laughs No, it’s a pretty interesting story, you take this boy – he’s gonna be a man – but he’s basically a boy who has this incredible gift – almost a god-like gift – to heal people and bring people back from the dead, and with that he carries this onus and how to decide who lives and who stays. And I think that it has a very profound affect on him, almost to the point of bringing him to insanity during this episode.

Then the guy says the episode is tonight, hands him this cookie dough that looks like Play-Doh and offers him a nut muffin that someone brought to the studio that morning. Oh, and earlier in the segments the hosts were talking about Red Bull and Vodka, and he was sitting there that entire time, I guess. It was a really interesting interview – as I paused to write all this down Jason had some funny facial expressions. When people talk, you know, it’s hard to write it down because of stuttering, etc. So I tried as best I could to get the interview down accurately!
Thanks to Dark Ilk for this :)

Not too sure if this would be interesting considering someone would probably be able to send the full transcript later, but just in case for those who have no way of watching/tuning in… here’s the rough idea of the interview tt Jason had on KTLA on 18th December 2000, around 8:30am Pacific time.
The interview started with the hosts asking him sthg abt Redbull and high-energy drink.. sorry… didn’t really catch…

They asked whether “Roswell” was always “Roswell” and JB was saying how it was originally “Roswell High”

He also commented on a Liz Hurley segment they showed, but couldn’t catch the remark cos it was too noisy…

They asked about the last time he came on KTLA.. apparently was with Shiri.. they had a little fun wif the pronunciation… too lame to try to describe it here… sorry…

They showed the last time JB was on… and the joke abt his name and how it was pronounced with a French accent so it came out sounding like Jasuun… farnee…

They start tokking abt the show seriously now…They were asking abt the direction of the show and JB commented sthg to the effect tt it’s faster and the pace keeps things interesting; how the emotions are still there, just tt it now moves things along much faster…

Hosts asked JB on his view on how some people seem really nice in Season 1.. then are not so nice in Season 2… JB’s reply… if people really wanna change, they will, they would change if they feel tt it makes them better.. as for himself, he commented tt he can’t be anyone but himself.. besides, if anything else, his mom would hurt him, and his grandma would be in line… :lol:…

He also indicated tt he feels confident for the new yr… albeit darker, with a more x-file-ian feel tt makes it dark…

[Insertion of an ARCC clip with Max, Liz and the man’s ghost] Rough description of the clip:
Max is telling Liz how there was a crowd.. and he could have saved the man.. but he didn’t… Liz tries to assuage his guilt… tt if he had saved the man’s life, he would have exposed himself… Max tries to tell her sthg else when the man’s ghost butts in and goads him to tell her… tell her what he’s really thinking of…
[end of clip]

And back in the interview, the host asks, “So does he really tell her? what does he tell her?” (or sthg to tt effect…) and JB sez sthg like “yeah really,… tell her abt donuts” and stuff like tt… I tell u.. this man has a really corny sense of humour..

JB also comments to the effect tt Max is essentially a boy who’s growing up, yet has to decide who stays and lives… and for him to make tt decision… it nearly drives him crazy in this eppy…

then things kinda passed in a blur… they tied up the segment offering him Redbull (again? sorry, someone’s gotta explain tt to me; I just don’t get it…)

Well, tt’s it from me…