UK J17 Magazine – Roswell Mentions

Thanks to Lauren for this:

UK J17 Magazine, January 2001

Turn us on….
Tune into these American TV boys for too long and your eyes may turn
heart shaped…..

Jason Behr
Roswell High’s out-of-this-world hottie

Voted boy Most Destined for Fame (spooky!) by his high school,
26-year-old Jase is back at high school once more, playing a hot
sauce-guzzling alien in the brilliantly bonkers Roswell High.
The Minneapolis babe admits he never gained the relevant
qualifications for his part of Max: “Playing an alien on Television
isn’t in the tests at school you know!” he laughs. Having scored
squillions of guest roles in all your fave shows (including Buffy
and Dawson’s creek), it’s no surprise the honey Behr’s been gagging
to act since he was ickle. “I want to be involved in telling a good
story,” he says. “If I succeed, it’s going to be that much more
rewarding.” Let the rewards roll in…

Brendan Fehr
Roswell highs troubled totty

Roswell High’s serious sexpot Brendan started out (if you can believe
it!) as an accountant, but a lucky break meant this babe’s now hitting
our li’l screens like a meteor. After various US TV guest roles, the
23-year-old LA dweller got his break as George in scary plane flick
Final Destination, and now plays Roswell High’s haunted alien Michael
Foxy fehr looks just like X-Filer David Duchovny (“I’m not gonna
freak out over it,” he smiles), and now there’s even more spooky stuff
in store, thanks to the Brenster’s new big screen vampire-fest The
It’s rumoured he dates Roswell co-star Majandra Delfino, and he
looks for ‘personality, a sense of humour and a religious morals’ in
a g-friend. We are sooo polishing our halos right now!