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As he gets out of his Dodge 4×4 in front of Jan’s Restaurant in West Hollywood Brendan Fehr 23 looks every bit as cool as his extraterrestrial character Michael on the WB sci fi drama Roswell. His light brown hair is tousled, his clothes are baggy and his face is virtually expressionless. “Brendan is pure mystique” says his friend Carley Pope

Brendan who is more protective of his private life than most young actors, says that better describes Michael ” I think I’m a lot more geeky than Michael” he says with a sly grin, Geek or not the Winnipeg native has been getting all the breaks lately. When the series Roswell launched last year it was considered an iffy prospect because no one was sure if younger audiences would spark to the paranormal goings on, Within months the answer was clear – viewers were indeed picking up on the show and more specifically on the two male leads.