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Thanks to Mep8757 for this:

The February issue of American Cheerleader features an article about Shiri Appleby
who cheered for the Calabasas Coyotes in her sophomore year of high school at
Calabasas High School. Lots of info about her included in the 2 page
Starstruck-any Shiri fans might want to check it out.


Thanks to Anthony for this:

Hi, guys. I thought you’d like this information. I just received the Feb.
2001 issue of Astronomy Magazine, and on the last page is a night time
picture of the constellation Cassiopeia over Vasquez Rocks!!
The pic was taken by Val Villalobos. I wonder if Val is a Roswell fan?
Just thought I’d share.


Thanks to Michelle for this. (I’ll type up the article myself tomorrow when I get a chance to)

Brendan Fehr’s upcoming movie “the forsaken” has an interesting four page article in January 2000’s issue of “FANGORIA” magazine. It’s complete with background for the making of the movie and a synopsis


Thanks to LupitaGnz for this:

I don’t know if it’s good, I saw Roswell and about the diehard fans of Roswell.
Houston Chronicle

The WB scored critics’ points with Gilmore Girls, then lost them with Hype
and Nikki. Just as Felicity started to regain some hair and some steam, the
show (as planned) got shelved until April. Roswell became inaccessible except
to diehard fans. But 7th Heaven, Buffy and Charmed continued to hold their
own. Biggest miss: Dawson’s Creek left the radar screen. Biggest plus: Angel’s
never been better. Midterm grade: B-.


Thanks to Melissaleg for this:

Hey i didn’t know if you already had this, but in February’s Seventeen
magazine there is a page that asks about best dates and there is a big pic of
Katherine and her answer in it…mmm something about sushi! :)

Thanks to Marianne for this:

I just wanted to let you know that Katherine Heigl is on p.110 of
“Seventeen” magazine (february issue).There is an article+picture of her
wearing a cowboy hat.


Thanks to Sofia for this:

I don’t know if someone already email you with this information but that the
cast of Roswell is on the cover of Cult times a magazine form the UK and are
also on the cover of Spectrum


Thanks to MyrnaLynne for this:

“Roswell” made the cover of the new issue of Starlog magazine, Feb 2001, #283, with a big interview with Majandra Delfino by Ian Spelling on pages 42-45.


Thanks to Roswella for this:

In the February issue of TEEN magazine, there is a small little tidbit on Majandra Delfino. Look on p. 53 at the top. It says:
Scene-Stealing Sidekicks
They may be called “supporting” characters, but these actors practically steal the show. Here’s a look at some of tv’s best kick-butt sidekicks.

And the first person they name and show a pic of is Majandra.

Familiar Face: Majandra Delfino
How you know her: On ROSWELL, she plays Liz’s wisecracking buddy Maria, aka the girl who had a few French lessons with Michael (Brendan Fehr). Luck Girl!
Resume: No stranger to the tub, Majandra’s also had a stint on THE TONY DANZA SHOW as his sassing daughter.
Say What: “I don’t date people who might be aliens. Maybe it’s crazy, but it’s just a personal thing of mine.”