Various Cast Information On “Roswell”


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i’m letting you know that on batman beyond, today(DEC13) @ 3:30pm on
WB-17 the voice of Cinthia the robot chica was Shiri Abbleby,just thought you
might want to know.

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Our dear friend is loosing a popular contest to Beverly Mitchell of 7th Heaven! this can not be!

Majandra is barely winning to Traylor Howard, as well, is there nothing we can do?
This is the web site of TV Guides “you sexy thing”
You Sexy thing


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Desmond’s Official website will be available for viewing @ (the creators of Kerr Smith’s Official site) supposedly “really soon”…

“CB brings you the most Dynamic and Interactive
Websites for Today’s Hottest Celebrities…
Coming Soon:

Desmond Askew
Co-Star of hit TV series ‘Then Came You,’ Star of
Columbia TriStar’s film ‘Go.'”


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Also, Majandra was on VH1’s “The List” Friday. She was very funny
and picked for the the most memorable bands and artists…

Her picks were “Bjork” and the “Beatles”. They took Bjork off and she tried
taking off Aerosmith, but it ended up taking second and The Beatles got the
#1 Band of all time…of course!!


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Previously you had a link to “Aliens Among Us” at Space.Com, that had Katherine as a possible suspect as an alien on earth… Well, she made it to the final showdown and was ultimately voted *the* Alien Among Us… Appropriate, ne?


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Hi a new campaign is started to keep Miko Hughes’s character Nicholas on the
show. Everyone interested is sending either drawn or cut out pictures of
sunglasses, u know shades to the wb and writing a message about keeping Miko
on the show there is a thread for this on the roswell 2 forum if anyone has
any questions or is interested. Thanx


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In the LA Times Valley section today (11/16/00), specifically the “Only in
LA” part, there was a picture of the UFO Center and it mentioned that it was
used as a prop for the tv show, Roswell.

“And Shirley Serna of Covina identified an Unidentified Flying Object Center
as a prop in the tv series “Roswell”

Thanks to Megan for this as well :)

again at Star Chart

Hanson and *NSYNC hold strong. The Roswell gang kicks Buffy butt. And Carson
falls into Star Chart oblivion. Not down with that? Change it! Vote now!

Brendan Fehr is #4
Jason Behr is #5
Katherine Heigl is #10
Majandra Delfino #13
Shiri Appleby is #14
Emilie De Ravin is #20

Way To Go!!! Keep Voting!!

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The petition is to get the people at the WB to release Roswell’s first season
on VHS/DVD. But i need your help… They probably won’t even consider it
unless the petition has a lot of signatures!!! So please sign, tell others
about it, post a link some place, do something to spread the word!!!
Here’s the address to sign!!! Please help!!!$5

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Hi, I thought you might be interested in knowing that I just saw a commercial on Connecticut’s Channel 20 that all of the WB shows will be moving to the new Connecticut’s WB 20 as of January 1, 2001. Currently the shows are on New York’s WB 11 (WPIX).


Thanks to Arcadia for this:

I happened to be flipping channels when I stumbled across “Reach the
Rock” a 1998 William Sadler movie

According to IMDB:

Two school kids who are best friends are drinking on the side of a
river. One friend bets the other that he can’t swim across the river and
“Reach The Rock”. The friend takes the bet and drowns halfway towards
the rock. The entire town blames the the kid for his friends death, he
runs away never to be seen again. He eventually comes back to his home
town of Shermerville and goes crazy, and starts to trash the town (i.e.
breaking store-front windows, stealing a police car).

William plays the town sheriff, and also the dead boys uncle.

According to
the movie will re-air on Wednesday December 20th on WGN.