Around The World Update

Thanks to Kaz for this.

Just some news on Roswell in the UK.

I e-mailed Sky 1 and they confirmed Roswell High Season two will start on
21st February at 8.00pm!

Thanks to Germán for this:

This is Germán from Argentina. Just to tell you that we’ve got a few updates on Roswell in latin america.
For the summer season, Canal Fox has modified almost completely its time-table, incluiding Roswell. So our fave show passes from its usual air time to Saturdays 7 p.m. for Argentina, and Wednesdays 8 p.m. for Mexico. This new time-tables are to start to work from January 2001 to (at least) March 2001.
By the way, (Canal Fox’s site) has now officialy announced the upcoming arrival of new season, including Roswell’s second season. Now it’s official that Season II will be on air on March 2001 for entire latinamerica. For more info, check out at :)

Thanks to Eric for this:

Just reading though a bunch of stuff on the Spacecast site… Just
thought I would spread the news..

According to Mark Askwith, (Apparently with Space the Imagination
Station) said that their rights to broadcast will be cleared up summer of

Direct Quote
“When we know, we’ll post the information.
It looks like we’ll have the rights cleared up by summer of 2001.
A drag, I know- we’re disappointed too.
m. ”

Link To Message

Thanks to AshBaby for this:

As previously reported in the last Around the World
update, we will be having Season One re-runs beginning
this Sat, Jan 6th, 2pm on TCS 5 in Singapore!

Our TV station has not been doing much to promote the
show. To help boost the profile of Roswell, we have
come up with some local campaign ideas that can be
found at

Also, in the New Year’s eve issue of our daily English
newspaper, Straits Times (Life! section), Roswell was
given the thumbs up in the year 2000 round-up. An
online version of the article can be found at,1870,14094,00.html