PCF Booksale charity

Thanks to Amanda for sending this in. I had mentioned how the fans are coming together to help the PCF last night at the party to Bill and he was so amazed at the fans devotion to the show and wanting to help out. He also said that everyone in the cast donated money to the cause instead of getting each other gifts for the holidays. If anyone else is doing something in support of PCF, please send it in.

My name is Amanda and I’m organizing a charity event for the Pediatric Cancer
Foundation. I’ve decided to organize a used book sale. I’m starting from
scratch so I’ll need as much help as I can get. If you are interested please
e-mail me at I plan on having it in NYC but anyone in
the area is welcome to help. I live in New Jersey about 20 minutes away from
the city. I think we can really get something done if we put our minds to it!
Please help if you can. Even if you canhelp and you’re not close to NYC
please e-mail me for my address where you can send old, unwanted, or used