The Daily News: Roswell Article

Article from New Zealand: The Daily News.

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For the past 10 years, Max Evans(Jason Behr, Dawsons creek) his sister
Isabel(Katherine Heigl) and his best friend Michael(Brendan Fehr) have lived
a normal life. Their hybird biology of Human and Alien DNA helps them fit
in. Surviving descendants from the alien spacecraft that surpposedly crashed
to earth in 1947, they have lived quietly amoung the residents of Roswell.
Tommorow on TV2 at 7.30pm Roswell returns for a second series(The second
episode will screen on Tuesday at 8.30pm).

The last season of Roswell ended tragiclly when Michael was forced to kill
Agent Pierce or be killed. But their efforts to dispose of the evidence are
thawarted when a geoligist discovers Pierces charred bones. Meantime Nasado,
the alien shape-shifter takes the form of Pierce at a congressional
committie hearing. His efforts to have the FBI’s Special Unit disbanded are
unsuccessful as the congresswoman for Roswell puts a spanner in the works by
voting against the closure of the unit.

The cult series, which is based on the popular young novels by Melinda Metz,
faced an uncertain future after last season and was only saved after a novel
fan campaign. They flooded television network offices with the aliens’
preferred condiment:Tabasco Sauce! But the fans faith in Roswell seems to
have paid off with increaced ratings in the United States and the
commissioning of further episodes. This may be in part due to tactics
employed by Roswell producers to lure new viewers. They have decided to
radically shake up the formula by shifting the focus away from the
star-crossed romance between alien boy Max(Jason Behr) and earth girl
Liz(Shiri Appleby) that provided the show’s emotional core. “We learned that
simply having a human in love with an alien was not a potent enough story to
build the entire show around,” says executive producer Jonathan Frakes, who
is better known for playing Commander Riker on “Star Trek:The Next
Genaration. “So the focus this season is more on the aliens. We plan to
darken it up a bit,” says Frakes. “It’s no longer going to be a ‘talk around
the locker’ high school show. The stakes are now life or death.” Frakes says
that upcoming episodes will feature more mayhem from the show’s deadly,
epidermis-shedding aliens, called Skins, and time-tested sci-fi conventions
like having the characters see themselves in the future and in the past.