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Heigl talks Roswell, possible Season Three

From mothership.com:

Heigl Talks Roswell, Possible Season Three

While promoting her new upcoming film VALENTINE at the Los Angles Comic Con (see photo this page from the event), the lovely Katherine Heigl talked about the possibility of a third season of ROSWELL, the show that put her on the genre map. While doing so, she also acknowledged some criticisms lobbied by both fans and outsiders.

“I think last season was difficult because I don’t think anybody knew yet the direction of the show, what we wanted to focus on,” she said. “Was it gonna be the relationships? Was it gonna be the sci-fi? I think a lot of the story lines were sort of thrown in each week as a different issue and a different problem. Then that was dropped after that story was over. And that was hard because you didn’t feel like there was a continuation to the story. This year we generally do about a three-episode arc, then they do one that breaks it up, which is a story that has nothing to do with the past ones. Then we do another one, which I think is a really interesting and smart way to do it. We break it up a little bit with just a random story thrown in there.”

When asked if the show would be returning for a third season, Heigl could not confirm it would be, but said, “They haven’t yet but I’m very optimistic that they will. I hope. [The ratings] have been great. It’s hard to tell because we’re never going to have the ratings of the bigger networks. Maybe one day. But at this point we’re on par with BUFFY and that’s one of their highest rated shows. They’re happy.”

The new horror film, VALENTINE, staring both Heigl and ANGEL star David Boreanaz hits theaters Friday, February 2.