The New Zealand Herald: Teen Dramas (Roswell Mentioned)

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Powerpoint: Remember the days of the old school garb

18.01.2001 By FRANCES GRANT
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Back on the other channel, two great streams of American telly culture converge in Roswell: high school life and alien life.
The extra-terrestrial students stranded on Earth are the ultimate metaphors for teen “alien-ation” (geddit?) and Roswell did manage in its first season to create much aesthetically appealing spookiness around the desert mesas and some real tension in the plots. Shame that, like its elderly relative The X-Files, there’s nowhere much to go after the aliens have made contact.
The first series ended with the comely Isabelle, Max and Michael (yes, the standards of genetic engineering must be high on their planet as they all have been blessed with outstandingly attractive human forms) finally meeting their mother and learning their destiny.

Mom unfortunately turned out to look like, well, an Avon lady from the San Fernando Valley in fancy dress. You can bet she knows how important it is to be popular.