The New Zealand Herald: Seeing Double….

Thanks to Jaymz for sending this in from the The New Zealand Herald:

Roswell and Dawsons Creek: Seeing double


Roswell is Dawson’s Creek meets the X-Files … or Dawson’s Creek crossed with E.T. – but with no ugly creatures. Either way, the similarities between the ratings-grabbing Creek and its follow-up are spooky:

Dawson’s Creek
• Stars six gorgeous teens living in small-town Capeside, Massachusetts
• Follows three locals (Dawson, Pacey, Joey) and three outsiders (Andie, Jack, Jen)
• Features a vampy blond (Michelle Williams) and a doe-eyed brunette (Katie Holmes)
• Joey visits Dawson by climbing in his window
• Joey and Jack used to work at the Ice House, the local watering hole
• Brooding heart-throb Dawson rejects Joey’s sexual advances, claiming she’s not ready
• Pacey is estranged from his blue-uniformed policeman father
• Jason Behr played Chris, who bedded rebellious Jen

• Stars six gorgeous teens living in small-town Roswell, New Mexico
• Follows three locals (Liz, Maria, Alex) and three aliens (Michael, Max, Isabel)
• Features a vampy blond (Katherine Heigl) and a doe-eyed brunette (Shiri Appleby)
• Max visits Liz by climbing onto her balcony
• Liz and Maria work at the Crashdown Cafe, the local diner
• Introspective heart-throb Max rejects Liz’s advances, claiming he’s an alien and she’s not
• Michael is estranged from his blue-collar foster-father
• Jason Behr plays Max, who’s trying not to bed rebellious Liz