CC and WB Appreciation

Thanks to the Campaign Crew for this:

Hello everyone!

As we approach the later part of Roswell’s Second season, a major part of our campaign strategy this year is to make sure that the WB realizes that support for Roswell is stronger than ever. We want them to know how much we appreciate Roswell. Therefore, we are strongly encouraging every Roswell fan to write to The WB after every episode for the remainder of the season and every other opportunity that arises. This is critical to achieving our objectives.
Tell The WB how much you love the show. Include specific examples of what you liked from “Viva Las Vegas”. Be courteous, polite and heart-warming. Tell them how you really feel about the show. No negativity, please! Thank them for the extra promotions, the behind the scenes previews and the silverhandprint site updates. Don’t forget to mention how much you are looking forward to the rest of the season and Season 3.
Write to the following addresses:

Clint started a thread on the WB message board. Let’s be sure to get the number of postings up to several hundred.
If you have additional time also post messages on The WB’s message boards:
Thanks again for everyone’s support,
— The Campaign Crew